Introducing the 1/3 scale Turbo Raven. This kit was designed by Bob Francis and is now being produced by Airasys Models Inc. 

The Turbo Raven has a 102 inch wing span and is 87 inches in length. This model is currently powered by a MacMinarelli 85 Twin but most similar power plant designs will work. Currently we are looking into available Turbo prop designs and plan to offer this option in the future. Current weight is 24lbs but with serious effort a flying weight of 20lbs is attainable.

Short Kit Details:
All fiberglass parts; one piece fuse, wheel pants, wing tips, and turbine exhaust cones. Foam wing cores with flat carbon spar. Short kit also includes clear canopy, main gear aluminum strut, three view plan with basic instructions.

Price is $750.00 USD plus shipping.
This short kit offer is intended for experienced builders only!
Raven Short Kit
Watch a walk around of the Raven! This movie will give you a good look at the Raven from all sides. The movie is in Windows Media Format and is 5.1MB. Visit JD Enterprises for a full working Turbo Prop. When scale appearance and sound is what your looking for, go with the real thing, go with the turbo prop from JDE.
If you are looking for total Reliability, Performance, and Excellent Service look at Desert Aircrafts DA 100 for your Raven Project! Our Raven won 1st Place in the Aircraft Aerobatics Category at the AMA Convention held January 17-29, 2003.

Deluxe kit details: "Will be Available soon".
The Deluxe kit will consist of everything in the short kit plus the following: graphics set, all wood and hardware, detailed instructions. Spinner. Fiberglass and carbon fiber, fuel tanks, Wheels and tail wheel assembly, and detailed reference shots.

Options: "Available Soon"
Scale cockpit and Pilot, Detail kit for scale lights, antennas, trim tabs, aileron counter weights, and pilot step. Turbo prop conversion.

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